With dedication to our gastronomic tradition and the quality of homemade food we care to create pastry goods that bring taste to our busy everyday meals and save time. All our products are developed from traditional recipes of previous generations with the finest local ingredients aiming to offer an appetizing experience inspired from our tradition. We care everyone to enjoy delicious homemade pies thus we developed a variety of different products for every taste and eating habits.



Established in 2019 in Larisa, Greece from people with vast experience in the food industry, Mama’s Pie vision is to provide customers with unique and appetising pastry goods. Motivated by our love for the Greek gastronomic culture and a restless passion for innovation, we create with up-to-date means, traditional pies as we learned in our home kitchen.  


Raised in Thessaly, a region famous for its pies, they have always had a special place in the family table and nowadays by following the traditional recipes and carefully selected ingredients, we commit to provide you with qualitative and nutritious products.


Enriching the knowledge of the elder with professional know-how and up-to-date production means we created the first patented pre-baked pie. A pie that encloses all the love a mother puts when cooking for her beloved ones and the passion of a visioner for creation and evolution.

What makes Mama’s Pie products unique is that there are pre-baked. This means that with only 20 min of baking off you can enjoy delicious Greek pies.